About us

SelBruHa Veterinary Development, Trade, Consulting and Service Ltd.


SeIBruHa Kft. Was founded in 1991 by professionals with extensive pharmaceutical and practical experience in Budapest. Since its inception for more than twenty years, the company has continuously expanded the range of its products and services, maintaining their reliable quality. Many of our products have their own patents or It is based on innovation and most of them are now an integral part of the Hungarian veterinary pharmaceutical market.

Our company has taken a significant step towards the development of domestic pet care for a few years. We provide our customers with our own developed shampoos (SH-Ampon family, Foam of Sea family), balms, perfume, ear and eye cleansing products. Our exclusive quality pet cosmetics are very popular in the industry, but they are also available for pet keepers, even directly in our store in Budapest. In addition to pet cosmetics and care products, we also sell shears and shearing heads, cosmetic tables, dryers, high-quality scissors, brushes and combs, special clothes as well as feeds, food accessories and equipment.

SelBruHa kft. In addition to the distribution of veterinary and care products, its activities also cover the field of research and development. We deal with the registration of veterinary medicinal products and medicinal products in accordance with international requirements, the review and expert advice of finished or forthcoming documentation, as well as the development and licensing of care products and shampoos.

We have already done this kind of work for the following companies, among others:

Pfizer, Lek- Slovenia, CP-Pharma, Veyx-Germany, Biogal-Teva, Novartis, Stallen- Switzerland, Chemifarma- Italy, Divasa Phamavic- Spain

Pedigree documentation, research and development

Expert opinions

Planning, organizing and controlling the examinations required for registration

Residue and clinical trials

Compilation of complete documentation

Liaison, representation at the authorities

Development of shampoos and care products

Compilation of documentation for shampoo care products

Licensing of shampoos and conditioners